This iconoclastic Inuk throat singing experimentalist closed her Polaris Prize and Juno Award-winning album release Animism with a track called Fracking, which might have been as close to the sound of the Earth Mother being torn apart as has ever been committed to recording. The title track of her new album is perhaps even more intense, promising “Our Mother grows angry/retribution will be swift/we squander her soil and suck out her sweet black blood and burn it/We turn momey into God and salivate over opportunities to crumble and crinkle our souls for that paper; that gold.” What follows is nearly eight minutes of hypnotic, powerful rage. The mood set, the tone continues to be developed in the heavy pounding Aorta, the haunting Summoning with Jessie Zubot’s barely audible violin scratching away in the background or choking Sulfur. Retribution is an album about assault and violation; on the planet, on subsequent generations, on traditional ways of living, on native peoples and, ultimately, on women. Having covered Pixies Caribou on Animism, she closes Retribution with Nirvana’s Rape Me. The original anti-rape track’s potent message is expanded exponentially in her chant-like recitation. In light of the ongoing national shame of inaction on missing and murdered aboriginal women, it’s a call to arms.

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