Inuit throat singer and improvisational artist Tanya Tagaq demands awakening, and defies categorization with her post-colonial masterpiece, Retribution, to be released by Six Shooter Records this month.

For Tagaq, there is no separation from her body and the earth, life and art, or motherhood and music. Whether it’s her 2014 Polaris Prize win, where she scrolled thousands of names of Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous women during the gala performance, or posting a “sealfie” of her baby in the snow beside a dead seal on Twitter, she addresses the inherent connection between the rape of women, and the rape of the land.

Retribution is a harrowing sonic accusation.

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Tanya Tagaq performs at the St. John’s Arts and Cultural Centre on Monday, October 10, 2016. Click here for tickets.