Rolling Stone Reviews Tanya Tagaq’s Set at the Big Ears Festival

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“Despite the emphasis on the visual components, the most-show stopping performances of the weekend didn’t even have much atmosphere to speak of. Tanya Tagaq‘s brand of Inuit throat singing and avant-rock improv came with a warning — “I’m always OK. Don’t be concerned. It’s actually very peaceful what’s going on inside me” — and quickly seemed like the talk of the fest. Barefoot with seal-fur leggings, she worked herself into a crescendo of gasps and growls, a kinetic, can’t-look-away performance that often looked like just a tangle of hair with a mic cord. As her band worked in some dub-jazz, her voice took on so many shapes, evoking Diamanda Galas, Jane’s Addiction, Björk and politicized death metal as she rasped out, “Colonizer! Colonizer! Colonizer!”

Rolling Stone magazine reviews Tanya Tagaq’s set at Big Ears Festival this past weekend. Click here to read the full article.