Films: Tungijuq and This Land


Tungijuq is more of a short film than a music video. It is a thought-provoking meditation on the seal-hunt and what it means to the traditional way of life. Tanya created the mystical, form-shifting fantasy and filmmakers Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael brought the idea to life. Jesse Zubot and producer Juan Hernandez joined Tanya to create the music and the seven minute film includes an appearance by Cannes-winning actor Zacharias Kunuk. Tungijuq is a cinematic and musical expression of the organic and indisputable reality of hunting in Inuit culture. The work was produced by Kunuk Cohn Productions and Igloolik Isuma Productions.

September 10-19: World Premiere at the 2009 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival.
October 7-18: Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2009
October 14-18: ImagineNATIVE Film Festival 2009
November 2009: TV Broadcast on Bravo
December 2: Film Forum, New York, Opening Film of the US Theatres release of Before Tomorrow (Isuma Productions 3rd feature film.)

This Land

Tanya narrated and provided music for Dianne Whelan’s documentary, This Land. The film documents Dianne’s experience joining the sovereignty patrol in the Canadian High Arctic with the Canadian Rangers. Their mission was to travel over two-thousand-kilometres by snowmobile from Resolute to the Canadian Forces Station Alert, and plant a Canadian flag on the way at Ward Hunt Island. The film includes incredible and rare photography of the disappearing ice shelf and reflects on Canada’s history and sovereignty in the North, the impact of climate change on the Arctic, and Inuit culture. Whelan’s book, This Vanishing Land: A Woman’s Journey to the Canadian Arctic will be released by Harbour Publishing in October and includes a forward by Tanya.

September 26 – World Premiere at 2009 edition of the Calgary International Film Festival